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    How will you...

    I know the media week and all that is coming up but to me that is a tease before the ultimate game so what are you going to do in order to help the two weeks fly by?

    Luckily I have work but after that I have three kids with school activities so that will help some.

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    Re: How will you...

    I'm so glad ill be in the Poconos this weekend for a bachelor party. That's going to help tons

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    iggyman555 Guest

    Re: How will you...

    i was pretty useless at work last week...not sure how that will change the next 2

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    I ordered some afc championship gear.... Slowly getting some ravens and purple stuff for my Super Bowl party. And planning my party.... So that's keeping me busy.

    I also DVRd the game, so ill watch that probably 10 times. And thank god for madden!!!!

    Just wish someone in CT sold natty boh beer. I never had it and want some genuine Bmore beer for the game!

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    Re: How will you...

    Well it's going to be cold for the next several weeks and a chance of some snow. Probably go into hibernate mode. Emerge just before the game,.


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