I would like to congratulate all Ravens fans everywhere. I love the fact that the road to the Super Bowl usually runs through the AFC North to one degree or another. You guys have treated me great and I'm glad I have been around long enough to feel good about rooting for this team.

This is kind of hard at times being a lifelong Bengals fan but I have watched this team grow and it is cool to see them wiping out the competition in their own houses. It has been a steep hill to climb, but the Ravens have done it. Flacco has proven himself as a "Giant Killer".

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to come along for the ride. 1988 is the last time the Bengals got me this high on football. It seems like an eternity, but it feels like yesterday. Enjoy this and soak it all in as much as you can. None of us knows what the future holds. Beat the 49ers and grab the glory. Let Ray bookend his magical ride.

Thanks for being the class fans that you are.