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Hey what's up! This is the basically the gist of what I'm saying. I'll try to keep it reasonable in length.

Both our teams are in very similar positions. We've both faced finesse teams up to this point and this will be the most physical match-up for both teams.

By reading a lot of the comments in this thread it doesn't look like a whole lot of you have watched CK work this year. I don't really hold that against you. The kid's only had 9 starts.

It's not gonna be as easy as. "Just hit him" or "Take away the run". That's not gonna get it done.

In fact that's probably playing right into Jimmy's hands.
So the Broncos are a "finesse" team? And the Pittsburgh Steelers are a "finesse" team? Also, the Bengals with the 6th ranked defense are a "finesse" team? The Ravens play in the AFC North. They are used to playing tough physical defenses.