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    Ed Reed Super Bowl Appreciation Thread

    For huge Reed fans like me who think he's not going to be here next year, I really couldn't ask for a better way to send him off. He played quite well, in my opinion. Crucial interception. Some key stops that turned TDs into FGs. The blitz on Kaepernick. Keeping the secondary in line and playing disciplined himself. Only the whiff on Gore seems like a blemish. By comparison Lewis looked absolutely sluggish.

    Bravo Ed, we love you!

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    Re: Ed Reed Super Bowl Appreciation Thread

    As happy as I am for Ray to be going out as a SB Champ, I am even happier for Ed.

    He's going to the HOF regardlessly, but to have a SB ring to go along with everything else is just awesome.

    Not to mention, in his hometown!
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    Re: Ed Reed Super Bowl Appreciation Thread

    Class act all the way. The interview he did on NFL Network when he started crying was something else.


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