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    Admit it...who cried?

    I'm actually kind of disappointed. I remember telling a few friends last year, whenever my Ravens finally make it to the Super Bowl after the pain of the last 4 playoff failures, I'm probably going to break down crying.

    ...I never did :(. I guess I'm just not the tears of joy type. Eitherway...I'm not gonna complain about the way this team fought all playoffs long! Made me proud!

    Anyone out there get those eye waterfalls going?

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    Re: Admit it...who cried?

    Didn't break down, but some tears welled up at times. Especially when O.J. gave his speech.

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    Re: Admit it...who cried?

    I noticed there was a lot of moisture running down my face but I was laughing so fucking hard realizing we were going to the Super Bowl that i couldn't possible call it cryying :happyanim
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    Re: Admit it...who cried?

    Quote Originally Posted by alienrace View Post
    Didn't break down, but some tears welled up at times. Especially when O.J. gave his speech.
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    Re: Admit it...who cried?

    I got a little emotional after the game as I told my eight-month-old while putting him in his crib that he was going to get to see Ray Lewis play in the Super Bowl in two weeks.

    He just sort of gurgled at me.

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    Re: Admit it...who cried?

    You know what? I didn't cry. I cried last week, after the Miracle at Mile High, back when I didn't know what to expect from this team, what to make of them, how far they could go, etc. Back when NO ONE gave us a chance.

    But I had a strange calm going into this game all week because I knew what we were capable of. I knew the Ravens would not be afraid and would expect to win. And then we just went out and freaking did it. No frills, no fuss, no turnovers, no big mistakes. Just focus and determination.

    Not only that though ... I'm too happy to cry? Like so happy I've short-circuited and may cry tomorrow or something ...

    (This post may have made no sense; please excuse it, if so.)
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    Re: Admit it...who cried?

    I can't imagine a grown man crying over a football game unless it was his son's pee wee game.


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