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    Ravens = Best Playoff Record

    9 playoff appearances.

    14-7 in the playoffs.

    .667 winning percentage....all-time best in the NFL.

    4 AFC North championships.

    4 AFC championship appearances.

    2 AFC championships.

    2 Super Bowl many or more than half the teams in the league.

    The Ravens became the fifth team to win their first two Super Bowl appearances, joining the 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and New York Giants.

    This is the franchise's 17th season.

    We are a very blessed fanbase.

    Enjoy the journey....
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    Re: Ravens = Best Playoff Record


    ...And what a nice journey it is!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBKistler View Post
    9 playoff appearances.

    13-7 in the playoffs.

    .650 winning percentage.

    Best in the NFL.

    4 AFC North championships.

    4 AFC Championship appearances.

    2 AFC Championships.

    2 Super Bowl appearances.

    1 SB championship (so far).

    This is the franchise's 17th season.

    We are a very blessed fanbase.

    Enjoy the journey....
    Great post/thread. Thanks for sharing.

    Blessed fan base indeed.

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    Re: Ravens = Best Playoff Record

    a lot of people take this team winning for granted but i am very thankful and am enjoying the ride

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    Re: Ravens = Best Playoff Record

    Just thought I would update this post with last night's win and bump...

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    Re: Ravens = Best Playoff Record

    What a great way to start February.
    Disclaimer: The content posted is of my own opinion.

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    Re: Ravens = Best Playoff Record

    A few more:

    Joe Flacco's ninth playoff victory means he is tied for third on the all time QB playoff win list. He is one behind Roethlisberger (10-4) and Brady (17-7). All time 9th on the list tied with guys like Bart Starr and Kurt Warner.

    He is tied with Peyton Manning (9-11) on the active list.

    The Ravens are, despite being the second youngest franchise in the NFL, already 16th on the all time playoff wins list, tied with Buffalo and the Titans/Oilers. In this reason, they have surpassed or broken a tie with San Diego, Cleveland and the Jets. Next stop is Chicago on 17.

    They are also the tied for the second quickest to reach 2 Superbowls in the AFL-NFL era. Only Miami was quicker with both superbowls within their first ten years (and none since). It is the same time frame as the Raiders who won the AFL Championship in 1967 and their 2nd, a SB, in 1976 - 16 years after their creation. It is one year quicker than the Dallas Cowboys. While those 3 teams suck at the moment, they have good history.

    Obviously if taking the whole league's history, a few teams were quicker in the Packers, Bears and Giants etc, but the league was so much smaller then so hard to make a direct comparison. Still, pretty neat, huh?

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    Re: Ravens = Best Playoff Record

    Thanks Ravens for giving us great times. Your ability to play hard and be resilient is what Baltimore needs. We revel in your victories and deal with the losses. Extending the season for the last 5 years and then winning it all this year gives us satisfaction because true Raven fans knew you are a great team and organization. Also, thanks goes to Art Modell for having the balls to move to Baltimore. A city who supports the Ravens better then any team in the NFL.


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