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    Re: Super Bowl Road Trip -- Post Your Travel Plans, Suggestions Etc Here!

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    Now for the amazing part! We met Steve Bisciotti!!!! We were hanging out at the Hilton hoping to glimpse a few players getting onto the buses and instead out walked Mr. Bisciotti. We started yelling and cheering and he came over and spoke with my daughter and my son and asked how we got here this and that and we told him we drove 24 hr straight in RV and we didn't have tix but we came anyway. He asked my son actually if he was going to the game and my son replies no, but we wanted to but couldn't afford the tickets. Mr. Bisciotti replied...."Well now you do"...he handed my son TWO SUPER BOWL TICKETS! We went ballistic!
    Fantastic story .... congratulations. As you have seen in person, Steve is the real deal.

    Quote Originally Posted by debwse View Post
    we had the time of our lives down there....your city was so welcoming and kind to us we are definitely coming back.
    With kids at that age, I recommend that you come back for St. Jseph's Day or St. Patrick's Day parades. Or JazzFest. Much more family friendly -- IRC, there was no baring of breasts for these events, as contrasted to the "anything goes" mode of Mardi Gras (at least that's how it was in the 1980s when we lived there)

    Deb, also check this out: .

    Ardent Ravens fans and RV enthusiasts, Scott and Jackie Dunkel journeyed more than 1,000 miles to New Orleans in the comfort of their 45-foot recreational vehicle to watch their home team win the Super Bowl. The local couple’s travels will keep them on the road until mid-April.

    If you know these people, pls shout out to me via PM. They would be neighbors and obviously Ravens fanatics, whose RV I have seen locally.
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