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Finally down here in New Orleans. It is a madhouse: traffic and people everywhere, streets and roads are blocked off and cops are escorting VIPs and stopping traffic at every corner. I just saw Coach Dundee looking lost, and also saw Jim Brown and Barry Sanders.

Driving is a nightmare around the city. In addition to the superbowl, NOLA is in the middle of Marde Gras season. Marching bands and music everywhere. Like I said, it's an absolute madhouse. Big game tomorrow. Yet, all I can see are hoards of Ravens and (surprisingly) Saints fan. Not a SF fan anywhere to be seen
Its been about 5-1, or more Ravens to Niner fans, or even more . The mood is extremely positive, the confidence level is almost scary-- 49ers fans seem think a higher power is conspiring against them.One thing everyone agrees its been an incredible experience here for everyone.