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    Re: New Orleans Trip Information Thread

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    Family of 12 (10 yr old and 11 adults who act 10 LOL)....traveling in our RV to N.O. to tailgate. We are NOT fortunate to have tix for the game, but we want to jump into the SB celebration and feel like we are AT THE SUPERBOWL with our BELOVED Ravens.

    We are renting an "RV Spot" at 1535 Canal Steet Lot? We have never traveled to LA and just trying to get as much helpful info/tips etc that we can. The lot "spot" is quite pricey with a 3 nite minimum charge which equals $ ammenities whatsoever. They say we can use run our generator...hope so b/c without the use of our RV's generator, we have no power, no water, NO TOILET....NO TV....which would be a nightmare to say the least...I of course when I am speaking about not having the TV that would be like experiencing a TEOTAWKI /SHTF event LOL.

    We've been at other public places where generators were PROHIBITED..which resulted in terrible memories I'd rather forget...I am trying to avoid as many unpleasant surprises as possible...knowing that some will happen but trying to limit them LOL.

    My hubby and I are organizing this thing (his idea of "organizing"?....he just says...OH WE'RE GOING!!!)...which means I'm doing all the research work and setting up EVERYTHING LOL.

    Just wondering if anyone knows if this 1535 Canal Street lot is "safe"? and if anyone has an experience tailgating there before? According to Royal Parking, they've been running the lots for RV tailgating for 25 yrs.

    ANY helpful tips, suggestions, guidance...ANYTHING you think helpful would be soooo very much appreciated.

    GO RAVENS!!!
    OK Deb. you are across the street from the Iberville housing projects, slated to be them an insist on a spot close to Canal Street and not Ibverville. If not tell them you know that they are next to the projects and that you are not happy about it.....and you want a spot on or near Canal to be safe. Make sure to have plenty of purple out, and avoid the Iberville side of the lot, unless there are a lot of people around. Once you get to North Rampart you are fine.
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    Way Down South in New Orleans


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