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    Re: Joe Flacco doesn't need the weapon.

    Flacco has played great but I believe its because of the offensive line actually blocking and giving him time to throw the ball. Joe is elite when he can step into his throws

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    Re: Joe Flacco doesn't need the weapon.

    Quote Originally Posted by alienrace View Post
    Can't wait to hear the haters tomorrow, particularly Bayliss who all but guaranteed Flacco would become "Fluke-O". This has been one of the most impressive playoff QB performances I can remember in my 40+ years of watching the game. The numbers speak for themselves.

    Flacco has made a laughingtstock of Bayliss, Marino, Cowher, Dukes, Evans, and Esiason. Oh, and Bradshaw too. Let's throw in Keyshawn and Cris Carter as well. It's been so sweet to see those fuckheads eat their own asses on this. Do they even realize how punked they are right now?
    Hate to dislike a former Terp but he really is an ass. a couple of weeks ago even Marshall Faulk was mocking Flacco because Joe thought he was elite and tonight Faulk was denying he said that. I might have to set the DVR for Skip Bayliss. I also kinda want to hear Preston on 105.7 on Monday morning qb


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