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    Re: The Time Has Come!!!!

    Speaking of Ray..... We all know that the ravens players were inspired this post season to win this thing for Ray-Ray. Makes me happier than shitl.... The man is going out on the highest note.... Go Ravens

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    Re: The Time Has Come!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    How many of us honestly thougt that they'd be playing in the Super Bowl after getting beat by the Redskins, Steelers IN Baltimore...and getting our asses kicked by the Broncos IN Baltimore?

    Hardly any of us.
    You're right but when I kept looking at the adversity that Packers and Giants endured during their superbowl run I kept thinking there was hope because the adversity this team has faced is more than 100 times more than the Giants and saints combined. Think about it. Modell's passing, the death of Torrey's brother, Cam's firing, ray's retirement announcement, the injuries. Absolutely mind blowing.

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    Re: The Time Has Come!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jsmoove View Post
    It all started with 4TH AND 29
    I don't think so. It started with Cam's firing and Ray's retirement announcement.

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    Re: The Time Has Come!!!!

    A whole lot of dreams have been answered tonight.

    Ed Reed is finally going to perform on the stage he so richly deserves.
    Joe Flacco will play in his first Super Bowl in large part because he has proven that he is an "elite" Quarterback.
    Matt Birk, perennial pro bowler in a 14 year career finally makes it to the Big Dance as does the gigantic veteran LT Bryant McKinney, something they could not have dreamed of before this incredible Ravens playoff run.
    First ballot HOFer Ray Lewis gets to end his career in the grandest game of them all, inspiring his teamates and thanking his Maker at every given opportunity.

    And the dream goes on ... !
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    Re: The Time Has Come!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    I'm tearing up a bit that my 5 year old son can experience this at such a young age.

    How's this for fucking amazing...My son, who turns 5 in May, has NEVER seen a losing Baltimore Ravens team, has never seen a Ravens team fail to make the playoffs. IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE.
    Mine turns five in July, so I know the feeling.

    Plus he cheers for 'Bama (thanks to his mom).

    Excellent good luck charms.
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