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    Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    Just watched this again and you can clearly see Welker, as the ball arrives, turn his head and see Kruger coming right for him... and he promptly drops the ball... to avoid taking a hit.

    I guarantee he thought, "Of Lord! I don't want to get blown up like everyone has has been getting blown up. I'll drop the ball instead."

    The Ravens made the Patriots play like Girly Men.

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    Re: Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    If I recall, one minute before that play, Pollard absolutely destroyed Welker after a catch (and got the obligatory flag for it). I have no doubt that the drop was influenced by that hit, combined with Kruger's footsteps.

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    Re: Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    the anouncers said in the game it may not seem like it but the Ravens are making the pats pay for every reception, it was clear the plan was not to blitz brady because he will eat that up the plan to beat the shit out of them til they crack and give up the ball, it was evident as the game went along. then pollard laid the knockout blow to crack them.

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    Re: Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    That was probably the turning point of the entire game. Who knows what happens if he makes that 1st down catch. Game of inches, boys....

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    Re: Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    It pissed me off us getting flagged repeatedly and then their guy blows Pitta up in the red zone and nothing. Asshat referees. Pitta got the best kind of revenge on the next play though.
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    Re: Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    That drop and the 3rd and 2 conversion they had that was called back due to holding were the two biggest drives stopping plays for the Pats. They happened on back to back drives in the 3rd.

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    Re: Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    "the drop" cant see Welker coming back anymore, two years in a row. That was the biggest play for NE in this game. Not sure they score a TD, but for sure effected the game.

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    Re: Welker's 3rd down 3rd QTR drop

    The Ravens simply beat the Patriots into submission on a physical level. Can't wait to see them and the Niners go at it!


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