Well, as I sit here in the dark I am thinking about this season and especially the playoffs. I am looking for all this edition of the Ravens and the magical things that have happened the last two weeks. Wow.

I was crushed after Evans/Cundiff last year. And before that, I walked disappointed out of Heinz Field in Jan. 2009 hearing fireworks go off behind me. I know how Charlie Brown felt trying to kick the football...damn Lucy. What is it going to take to get to the Super Bowl? Like many of you, I have an emotional attachment to this club. Maybe more than what could be considered healthy at times. It's hard to get so close and see it slip away.

So now we find ourselves early on the day of the game. We are back. It's right here for us once again. I can't tell you why, but there is something telling me that although I fully expect a brutally gut-wrenching game (again), the Ravens will FINISH this time. As I type this I am listening to a John Denver song of all things and through the melody I am envisioning the last few seconds ticking off with white jerseys in joyous celebration. And I am seeing myself sobbing like a kid.