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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    Can't imagine Earl resting - Argue on! Thanks for the memories!

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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    Quote Originally Posted by Haloti92 View Post
    Classic Earl!

    Warning: Language unsuitable for children

    (The ump is pretty hilarious also)

    Top of the 1st and the game had barely started - WTG Earl!

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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post

    "He was ejected 91 times, including once in both games of a doubleheader."
    He was actually ejected from both games of a doubleheader 3 times.
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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    Too young to remember him but my grandmother (RIP) put a jinx on the O's for firing him, so he must have been a good dude! RIP Earl.
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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    I remember the megaphone popcorn holder.

    RIP, Earl.

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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    Earl was awesome. My dad loved watching Orioles baseball just for his on the field antics.

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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    I am far too young to have ever seen him coach, (except for 86, when I was 0 years old lolz) but I was lucky enough to get to go see him this year for his statue unveiling. He's such a huge part of the Orioles history. I love hearing Jim Palmer tell stories about him, and the dysfunctional (yet very loving) relationship they have had over the years.

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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    I just happen to be wearing an Orioles shirt today when I got the sad news about Earl. In addition to being tossed from both games of a double header, more than once, he also managed to be ejected from a spring training game. The only manager I ever heard of doing that. "It was the principle" I think he said. RIP Earl.

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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    This town has so many great sports memories from some of the greatest managers and coaches in baseball and football like
    Earl and now Buck, Don Shula and Weeb Ewbank, Brian Billick and don't forget Hank Bauer who brought the first World Series
    title to Bmore in 1966. Palmer was the youngest pitcher to win a series shut out vs the mighty Dodgers.

    One time the O's were playing Texas in spring training game in one of those small minor league parks where you could
    hear every conversation in the stadium. Just as Tony Oliva was walking up to the plate, Earl yelled out to his young
    pitcher to stop throwing all that crap. It was all junk balls. Tony was one of the best hitters of his era and got a big
    smile on his face and hit the first pitch out for a HR. It was a fast ball down the middle. As he rounded third he yelled, thanks Earl. Everyone in the dugout laughed their asses off because Earl broadcasted the next pitch to Oliva.

    Palmer said the same thing happened the first time met Earl in the minors. He was facing Johnny Bench for the first time
    who had a great HR reputation even then and Earl walked out and told him to throw fast balls, no junk. JIm said I don't think that's a good idea vs Bench, Earl who said do it anyway. So he did and he hit a HR.

    Jim never listened to Earl again like the time bases were loaded in Bmore and EArl wanted him to throw a fast ball.
    JIm had never given up a grand slam in his life and wasn't about to then so he threw some junk and the guy got
    a hit and scored a couple of runs but Jim never gave up the grand slam. Earl was furious-lol.

    One time Pat Kelly said, Earl, you need to walk with Jesus. Earl said Pat, right now I just need you to walk with
    the bases loaded.

    One time Earl told a young rookie pitcher named Dave Leonard from Hopkins that the was starting the first game of the
    world series vs Pittsburgh. Leonard said, Earl, I don't think I'm gonna strike fear into Willie Stargell. Earl said
    I'm not trying to strike fear in Willie. I'm trying to strike fear into Jim Palmer.

    They were always at each others throats but Earl said in that ESPN interview that he had 17 wonderful years with
    Jim Palmer.
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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    Ron Luciano once ejected Earl before the game even started.!!

    But those two hated each other.

    RIP Earl and thanks for the memories.

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    Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    Ron Luciano hated Earl and that was one of the reasons he got fired from MLB. I love that U-tube clip of Earl but I wish there was a video somewhere of Earl ripping up the rulebook :) I was born in '67 so I missed the great run of the early 70's but I used to love when there was a rain delay on a tv game. They would run the old world series highlights. I started to really follow the O's in '75 and like somebody posted the O's from 1966-1983 had the best record in baseball. It was great to see Earl praise Buck this summer. Hopefully Buck has the team back to the Oriole way. Thank You Earl for the great long lasting memories.

  12. Re: OT: Remembering Earl Weaver...Rest in Peace

    I'm old enough to remember the disaster that was '86.
    That's the only faded memory I have of Weaver.

    R.I.P. to both Earl & Stan.


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