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    Re: If we win, how will you celebrate?

    Champagne, hookers, and alot of dope!

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    Re: If we win, how will you celebrate?

    Well I'm recording my reaction from the 4th quarter on...little playoff tradition I have so I can remember the memories no matter how good or bad. I'll def be jumping for joy around my house, will run outside and start screaming and jumping around the neighborhood like a mad man, and finish off with my playoff victory lap!

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    I have to go to work Sunday night, so my celebration will be brief and sober.

    However, I'm going to Hawaii the day after the SuperBowl for 9 days of out of my mind, over the top, rum soaked island partying.

    I'm seriously considering the PBP idea as some sort of karmic offering to the football gods though. Sounds like a fun idea.
    My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. -Hank Aaron

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    Re: If we win, how will you celebrate?

    I'll probably be going nuts & yelling hollering That's if I have a voice left by then..... I think we'll win but if we don't I just home we play well.

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    Re: If we win, how will you celebrate?

    Quote Originally Posted by Real Fan Dan View Post
    I think you ought to join T ZSpot and me at the Polar Bear Plunge. We'll have a good cry, an awesome leak, then shuck them drawers 'n jump in the Bay!
    I'll be the one behind the video camera recording you guys leaking and shucking drawers

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    Re: If we win, how will you celebrate?

    I will chug one last Steele Reserve High Gravity Lager. Not great taste, and technically it is probably a Malt Liquor at over 8% alcohol, but at $1.29 for a 24 oz can, you can't beat the value. Then I will call my brother in Medford, Massachusetts and offer my condolences.

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    Re: If we win, how will you celebrate?

    I have a buddy who grew up with me in Towson, and has since moved to the Boston area after college....and committed the ultimate sin by becoming a Patriots fan. Since he moved before the arrival of the Ravens he doesn't get it. Every time he comes to town he is flummoxed by the purple pride. I try to tell him- Baltimore is a Football Town now, Dude. You're stuck in the '80s.
    You know I'll be blowing up his phone as soon as the whistle blows and victory is ours
    And the Beatdown goes on.......


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