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    Many similarities between 2011 New York Giants and 2012 Baltimore Ravens

    1. Like Eli Manning proclaimed himself as "elite" before the 2011 season, when asked, Flacco called himself "a top-five quarterback" during the off season. Due to both quarterbacks' inconsistency over the years, their critics scoffed at their proclamations.

    2. Both visited the Linc for the Philadelphia Eagles' home opener.

    3. Both suffered disappointing late season defeats to the Washington Redskins while chasing their division crowns.

    4. Both clinched their division titles while blowing out an NFC East opponent at home (Ravens clinched versus the Giants and Giants clinched on SNF week 17, dominating the big game midget Tony Romo).

    5. Both teams entered the play offs as fourth seeds and scored 24 points against their competition, while not allowing the road team to score a touchdown (Falcons scored 2, Colts scored 9).

    6. Both defeated number 1 seeds who had defeated them earlier in the season, and in the process, forcing them to commit uncharacteristic errors, and stifling their best defensive playmakers, and torching them with big plays.

    7. Both played their respective conference's number 2 seed in championship games (49ers 2nd seed in NFC last year, Patriots 2nd seed this year in the AFC)

    8. Both defeated the New England Patriots earlier in the season with miraculous fourth quarter come backs.

    9. (We'll see if I'm right)...

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    Re: Many similarities between 2011 New York Giants and 2012 Baltimore Ravens

    Well, dang. As the agnostic dyslexic insomniac* might put it, sounds like density, dunnit?

    * Who lies awake at night wondering if there really is a Dog...


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