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    Thanks for the hospitality!

    Just want to say thanks for the hospitality the last few days, you guys have been gracious hosts. Some really good football talk on here and I appreciate everyone's perspective on the upcoming game. I learned a lot about your team and enjoyed talking football with some respectfull folks.

    Regardless of what happens on Sunday this has been a great rivalry and I hope everyone comes out of the game healthy on both sides. Regardless if Ray has one or two games left it has been a great career, I thought he got hosed out of an MVP award in 2008. I have a lot of respect for the Ravens mental toughness and willingness to go anywhere and play. They'd line up and play on a field made of broken glass and we all know where that mentallity stems from.

    I'd wish you guys luck this week but we both know that would not be honest. I think the Pats are the better team....shocker I know....but win or lose I'll be back around here especially in the offseason. If we lose then I will be back to congratulate you on your victory. It might not be until Wedneday or Thursday, have to get out of my depression, but I will be back. If we win, I have no desire to come back and talk shit.

    Sorry for the rant but this has been a great board.

    Go Pats!
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    Re: Thanks for the hospitality!

    You know, just because the Pats only play each other once in a while doesn't mean that you don't have to split. If you're a knowledgeable poster and are able to contribute food football perspective, then most around here will be cool with a Pats fan posting on here.

    There are a couple Steeler fans that post here.

    But, if you're going to be a massive Pats homer and troll on here, then don't let the door hit ya. :)
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    Re: Thanks for the hospitality!

    If you don't want to talk Ravens, we have other boards on this site too. I usually give a check on the Non-Ravens board every other day. As long as you avoid the droll smack talk, we're happy to have you. We can appreciate point-counterpoint on our Ravens, and especially on opponents.

    Here's to a great game Sunday night, where Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff will be mere name drops and nothing else, and with the Ravens emerging to head to New Orleans, while several Patriots head to Hawaii.
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    Re: Thanks for the hospitality!

    What wicked and scally said. IMHO, you'll find some really intelligent and collegial Ravens football discussion here v. some of the bullshit 7th grader mentality that seems to permeate so many football chat forums. No need to be absent throughout the year. As just one example, CincyCat, albeit with a vested AFCN interest, maintains a regular presence and adds a lot to discussions, and well-conceived, rational opinions that differ from the Ravens mainstream are generally welcomed.

    Don't be a stranger! ;)


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