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Actually they shutout MIA and gave up 16 points to JAC...but hey facts don't matter in bizzaro Patriot fan world.

Indeed, you shutout MIA in the last game of the season, when their season was already over. Kudos.

And yes, you gave up 16 points to a 2-14 JAC team with Chad Henne, 3rd string RB Monty Owens, and without their top WR, none other than mighty Cecil Shorts.

Because they have played horrible teams.

Yes...this is the NFL...where a 2-14 team is 2-14 for a reason.

No doubt. I'd rank him right between AJ Green and Brandon Marshall probably....

Find out what? That your secondary is not what you claim it to be? That you do not have a dominant front 7 (that is better than Denver).

You will find out that we aren't Sanchez/Tannehill/Henne and their gang of C level WRs. Oh wait, you already found that out when you lost 31-30 and got scorched by Torrey Smith and Ray Rice and Joe Flacco.
Where is Denver's defense now? And where is NE's now? One defense is at home, while the other is in the AFC Championship game.. It's not about having freaking gaudy defensive stats during the SEASON its about playing and showing up when it matters the most.. something they didn't do despite being ranked whatever they were