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I keep reading how since Talib has been playing their secondary is sooo much better. Yet I never see them analyze who they've played against since Talib has been starting.

Colts - Reggie Wayne? He is good. Not what he used to be. Rookie QB playing in NE, Luck was in over his head.

Jets - ummm...Jeremy Kerley? Ok...

Dolphins - uhhh...Brian Hartline???

Texans - Johnson, but we all know the Texans fell apart at the end of the season - they weren't the same team (Schaub turned to garbage).

49ers - Crabtree has really come alive since Colin K. But I still doubt many teams fear Crabtree on his own

Jaguars - ...Cecil Shorts?

They have faced hardly any real WR talent. A lot of those guys are C level WRs. B level at best. Only Johnson scratches A level, and Schaub had been horrible to close out their season.

Maybe just maybe their secondary has improved because they been playing teams that have poor WR squads? Or are run heavy (Texans/49ers).


It's not like Talib was lining up against AJ Green or Megatron or Marshall. Demaryius Thomas burned them for 180 early on. He totaled 50 yards when he played us in TWO games.
Well according to Belichick and the captains he's made a positive impact on the team and it's easy to see for us when we don't have to have Arrington and McCourty at CBs with dumb and dumber at safety. I'll take their word for it. Just remember this time around there won't be any Edelman on Boldin and Slater at safety