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Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever. Passed Joe Montana in career yards, and post season wins along with many other stats. Will eventually pass Montana in Superbowl wins too. Already has 5 superbowl appearances, with his 6th right around the corner.. Will make 6 in the last twelve years which is half. Add that to the 2007 season, when finally receiving weapons equal to those like Manning .. and 03, and 04 seasons winning those rings.. along with getting to the AFC Championship game with Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney in addition to carrying a team to the SB without a great defense and yes.... I believe he is the greatest ever.. just ask Ray Lewis and Darelle Revis who both admitted themselves in the top 100th player in the NFL video..

Pretty optimistic to think that Tom Brady will win 2 more Super Bowls. You realize that he's 35 now, and will be 36 next season? Almost every quarterback rapidly declines in their late 30's. You think that he has it in him to win 2 SB's in the next 3-4 years?