They have so much direspect there. As if they're offended that we believe we can win.
I posted this in response to Peter King's column:

Re: Peter King :It's time to make room for Flacco in upper echelon of QBs


The last couple of years I've come to this board to talk football with fans of the Pats being that we have played so many games since 2010. Usually we have pretty goo discussions.

I must say with this game coming up, I've heard so much disrespect coming from your fans than I have ever heard. It's like (some of) you don't believe the Ravens don't even belong on the same field as the Patriots.

And this thing about Flacco, I'll ask this question. Before Flacco came what were the Ravens? Following the 2001 season when the Ravens realeased most players from thier superbowl season, this is how they fared:

2002- 7-9 missed playoffs
2003- 10-6 Jamal Lewis rushed for 2000 yards. lost in 1st round to Titans
2004- 9-7 missed playoffs
2005- 6-10 missed playoffs
2006- 13-3 lost to Colts 15-6 after 1st round bye.
2007- 5-11 missed playoffs
A top 5 defense every season and a very good running game yet, no playoff wins and only 1 back to back winning season.

With Flacco:

2008- 11-5 2 playoff wins. lost to Pittsburgh in AFCC
2009- 9-7 1 playoff win. lost to colts in divisional.
2010- 12-4 1 playoff win. lost to Pitt in divisional
2011- 12-4 1 playoff win. lost to Pats in AFCC
2012- 10-6- 2 playoff wins. Face Pats in AFCC.

I ask the question, what changed? The defense was always good. The running game was always good. The only thing that really changed was the QB.

Now I won't sit here and question why you don't respect Flacco. That's your perogative. I just don't understand the disrespect.

If wins are the criteria with other QBs, why do we rewrite the rules win he's involved in the conversation? If Playoffs is when QBs make their name, why do the rules get rewritten when Flacco is mentioned?

Matt Ryan threw 2 picks in his game vs the Hawks and almost blew a 20 point lead, but he made 2 throws and his team wins on a field goal, now he is clutch? If Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, or anyone else would have made that throw in Denver(yes it was a bad play by the DB and it was lucky), he would be praised as making a great play.

TLDR; give Flacco his due credit.

By the way, I rank Flacco 8th among starters:

I always visit other teams boards to discuss upcoming games. This board is just ridiculous.