You know, I was just thinking how great a year we fans here in Baltimore have enjoyed! Think of it for a moment, the Orioles played phenomenal this year - I have been an Os fan since '82, and this has been the most enjoyable season I can ever remember! Even though we eventually lost to the Yankees in the final game of the playoffs, our birds showed the kind of heart and never die attitude that our Ravens are currently a sports fan, you can't ask for more from your sports teams!!

As Ravens fans, we ALL want both Ray and Ed to go out with rings, all of us want that! We also want the Ravens to win it all as a tribute to Art, Torrey's Brother, and let's not forget OJ Brigance! But even if we lose (which is Not going to happen, btw), this team really stepped it up this postseason. I mean all of us, especially the team, was heartbroken after last year's loss in Foxborough - we will never forget that loss, it is forever burned into our memory. But this team, just like the Os this year, scratched and clawed its way back.....what incredible heart! We as fans have been very fortunate to have been along for the ride!

Thanks both Ravens and Os!