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    Skip Clueless is at it again...

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    Re: Skip Clueless is at it again...

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    Re: Skip Clueless is at it again...

    Sorry, missed that, I posted it over there too...

    Mods you can close this one out.

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    Re: Skip Clueless is at it again...

    Why bother watching him(except when Suggs is on there)?

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    Re: Skip Clueless is at it again...

    I saw this bright and early too and what angers me about it is the fact that he brought up 2010- and claims that some Ravens "stars" told Pittsburgh players (after blowing 21-7 lead in playoffs)- that they could never win a Superbowl with Joe Flacco. I don't believe that to begin with, but seriously. In a game with a Rice fumble, Tj and Boldin critical drops, and blown calls all day, to call out Joe and sell him out toe the scumbag Steelers. It was soon after that game that Lamar Woodley said that the Ravens would never win with Joe Flacco as their quarterback... Hmmmm, I wonder where he got the idea that he could say that without riling feathers on baltimore's defense...

    And furthermore, whether it was said or not, the fact that Bayliss brings this up now- begging some reporter hearing about it for the first time to go up and ask Joe if he had "heard about what was said about him by his own teammates") just angers me. It's like he wants that to happen, and get in Joe's head- anything he can do to negatively influence Flacco- so that his ridiculous asanine comments about him can have some sort of backbone... even though he contradicts himself by calling tebow a great qb. SO TIRED OF THE MEDIA....
    "Sorry officer, nothing wrong here. I'm just watching the Ravens game!"


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