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    Re: Billick praises crowd

    Sec 120 was loud-n-proud
    Hoarse of course
    Awesome win
    Damn near shit myself when Heap scored!
    Quite a party all around after that! :hammer:

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    Re: Billick praises crowd

    Quote Originally Posted by FadeToBlack View Post
    I miss going to the games. I FELT the crowd get louder at the end. I still maintain we've got some of the best goddamn fans in the NFL, I could give a fuck what some assholes in the media say. Our fans are fucking great and the opposing team KNOWS IT.
    I agree Fade, I miss going too. Nine and a half years never missed a home game.
    I felt the energy too, and you could certainly hear it on the TV.
    "I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused" - Elvis Costello


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    Re: Billick praises crowd

    Im so burnt out righ now,but it was worth it.It would be nice if the Ravens give the fans a game ball
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  4. Re: Billick praises crowd

    My wife and son went over her mom's house and called me when I got home, she said "you sound sick"...hahaha I said i was just hoarse from the game but i thought that was funny.

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    Re: Billick praises crowd

    The last 3 or 4 minutes was the loudest I have ever heard. I almost had a heart attack from yelling at the people doing the "Here we go Ravens, Here we go!" chant....while we were on offense!!! These are probably the same dumb asses who tell you to sit down when the Ravens are on defense

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    Re: Billick praises crowd

    Originally Posted by Mista T
    I'm so hoarse now, I have to whisper to be heard. Great crowd response in the 4th Q final 4 minutes (except for those few idiots screaming while on offense).
    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
    I know, I was so f*cking pissed with the idiots who began to cheer on offense. God, our fans are clueless.

    My hands are sore and my throat is hoarse. But there was actually an argument in my section when we got the ball back. The guy behind me was telling everone to be quiet since we were on offence, and the idiots behind him said "we need to be loud to let the team we are behind them". :grbac:
    Section 106 from start to finish!


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