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As I said 12 hours ago: "Pay the man."
LOL...... four weeks ago, you most certainly weren't saying that, and you know it!

Look, I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve to be paid handsomely, but it wasn't that long ago that people were lamenting - actually it was last week - the huge amounts of guaranteed money they gave Suggs and Ngata. At the time, those deals looks good, but some are now questioning that.

I love Flacco and have been very much supportive of him, but there still is that inconsistency that still existed just a month or so ago that still concerns me. I certainly hope it's behind him - and he's playing like it is! - but at $20M a year, with the kind of guaranteed money that will come with that, you'd better be SURE that it is.

If it's more in the $14-18M range on the base deal, I think that's appropriate. If there are escalators that could increase the base deal based on performance and team success, I'm OK with that - and have suggested that often.

But, if it's more like $20M on the base deal, I think that's too much.