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As I said 12 hours ago: "Pay the man."
LOL...... four weeks ago, you most certainly weren't saying that, and you know it! :p

Look, I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve to be paid handsomely, but it wasn't that long ago that people were lamenting - actually it was last week - the huge amounts of guaranteed money they gave Suggs and Ngata. At the time, those deals looks good, but some are now questioning that.

I love Flacco and have been very much supportive of him, but there still is that inconsistency that still existed just a month or so ago that still concerns me. I certainly hope it's behind him - and he's playing like it is! - but at $20M a year, with the kind of guaranteed money that will come with that, you'd better be SURE that it is.

If it's more in the $14-18M range on the base deal, I think that's appropriate. If there are escalators that could increase the base deal based on performance and team success, I'm OK with that - and have suggested that often.

But, if it's more like $20M on the base deal, I think that's too much.