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I remember thinking the fake girlfriend might be a beard as I was reading the story. Between Mormon family, Catholic school, football culture, and Polynesian values, he has a massive MASSIVE amount of cultural baggage coercing him to conform.

Heck, I wonder if the alleged "Hoaxster" who was always meeting Teo in places the fake girlfriend was supposed to is or was Teo's actual significant other. It sorta makes sense. Have your secret boyfriend make a twitter account of a female, now you two can flirt and tweet and chat all you want and no one blinks.

I doubt the truth will ever come out, but if it turns out he's really simply the victim OR this was a desperate attempt to stay in the closet out of shame, I would be fine with the Ravens selecting him.

As NC says, if he comes out and says he's either Gay or wanted to remain a virgin until marriage, and so he made this up to get peopel off his back, then this drops his value exactly ZERO to me. The Alabama game may have brought him down to our range, and if the above is correct, then I'd be happy to draft him.

Now if he continues to claim he was simply a victim, then it drops his value significantly as I'd seriously question his intelligence, maturity, and honesty.