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Another plausible explanation of why he could be involved...
The long-distance GF thing sut screams of me as something one would say to get the boys off his back for not scoring with chicks at parties.
Teo is a mormon as I understand it. There could be some legs to this idea you have put forth. Nobody likes to feel different. It could have been a little white lie concocted with friends to give him an excuse to not partake in some of the activities that others do rather than just simply saying I am not down with that. That little lie may have spun out of control eventually leading to were we are now.

Honestly this thing is more about tearing down a guy that was built up (something we love to do as a society) than anything else. Its not like he ran a foundation to help a person who never existed. He did not father a child out of wedlock, did not lie under oath, did not get caught doing drugs, paying hookers or hanging out with gangbangers. At worst he told a lie that spun out of control and did an extremely poor job of managing the fallout.

I think its sad that in a society with so many inequities, so many issue and problems to solve that this is what so many people are worried about. Outside of this incident which to this point I see no illegality to, this kid seems like a decent and kind person. If we are going to condemn every person who has ever told a lie and had it spin out of control, well there will be very few of us who are not condemned. Myself included. The key is to learn and to move forward and not repeat the mistake. I tend to think Teo will do this based on his character prior to this story.

I know I will get flack for saying this but someone please explain to me how Teo lying about a girlfriend is more of a story than an established defensive player of the year (Suggs) allegedly smacking his significant other around? I am not saying Suggs did that...just saying it was alleged and speculated about just as MUCH of this is speculation and allegation at this point. That story got just a minuscule percentage of the attention this has gotten. That says something to me about our priorities. I love Suggs the player, I would not advocate the Ravens drop him. I would advocate if true he gets the counseling he needs. Why should Teo be any different. Even if he knowingly lied about this stuff in an effort to save himself embarrassment at worst the kid needs some counseling on how better to handle these types of situations. I find it sad that so many find so much glee in tearing down a kid who seems to be trying to do his best to be a decent person but made a huge and embarrassing mistake.