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Jonboy. don't you think before you pass that judgement you should hear an explanation?

I ask because, he told the ND AD the "we met" and the ND Ad said "wait what do you mean we met" T'eo said "yeah, we met online" (that is the Ad's account anyway).

When he says he starred into her eyes, is it possible he meant the pictures he had over her?
The most beautiful woman he ever met, not jsut her physical beauty, but inside her, etc... SURE, I can buy that not necissarily meaning met in real life.

Staring into someone's eyes, is not something I associate with pictures... that' a face to face thing to me. Is it "POSSIBLE" that's how he meant it? I guess.

They "met" supposedly at a game at Stanford? Any other way to take that? His parents knew she came to Hawaii and they spent time together there? Not sure how else to take that. Perhaps he went to go party with his boys and wanted to make his parents continue to believe he met his future wife...

Yes, I would liek to hear an HONEST account from his perspective, not sure we ever will.

Too much smoke for me. I think he was involved. The more I hear, see, and think, the more strongly I feel that way.