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    Re: Boldin - NOW OR NEVER!

    Quote Originally Posted by Legendary Chop Chop View Post
    I love Anquan, but he is a bit wrong saying the losing team is forgotten about immediately. I think of many losers in recent memory that actually get as much publicity than the winners (Patriots, Bills),
    The Bills is a bad example to use here. Fair or not, they will forever be remembered as losers. Yeah, they get mentioned allot, but in a bad context. Not how you want to be remembered.

    By the way, welcome to the board.
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    Re: Boldin - NOW OR NEVER!

    Turns out the Bat Man was right.
    "When questioned, the Elders explained that they were in search of magical powers. However, they're actually searching for the whereabouts of a certain ring. This ring is a legendary treasure that long ago was known to exist"

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    Re: Boldin - NOW OR NEVER!

    Boldin has gone into beast mode in the playoffs, 16 rec/276yds/3td equates to about 85 rec/1472yds/16 td extrapolated for . Pretty amazing numbers.


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