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    Thank god for the Ravens!

    If all we had were the Baltimore Orioles my god how sad would it be as a sports fan here. The Orioles just got no hit by a 23 yr old in his 2nd ML start. 30-3. 1-11 in their last 12. 9 straight losing seasons. :bag:

    I still love the Orioles but I it's hard to take this year in and year out. Thank god we have the actual winning team!
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    Re: Thank god for the Ravens!

    The Orioles stink! And they always will as long as Peter Angelos is at the healm. He wont/cant keep his mind on the legal business and let the baseball guys do their job. He has to oversee the management and he is not qualified. He is also a prick. Sorry guys, but I have abandoned the birds until he either learns to be an owner and leave the management to the baseball people, or until he sells the team. Ownership of the Orioles stinks.

    This from a guy who grew up with the International League O's and has lots of fond memories of them. Why do you think Oriole greats like Cal Ripken wants nothing to do with todays birds???

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    Doesn't Even Matter

    It doesn't matter if the Ravens had a few really bad year in a row either. I think we would still favor them for several reasons:

    1) It's Football - it's only 16 games, and it's a more consistent schedule for most people to follow and it's a faster game.

    2) The Raven's have become a fad to like in Baltimore, win or loose. How many houses do you see with Raven's flags and cars with Raven's stickers

    3) They are a better organization in many different ways - on and off the field.

    4) They Raven's have at least two Hall of Famer's in the intermediate future, the Orioloes do not.

    5) The Raven's match the personalty of Baltimore, the Orioles do not.

    I probably could go on, that was just off the top of my head.

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    Re: Doesn't Even Matter

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenfan_11 View Post
    2) The Raven's have become a fad to like in Baltimore, win or loose. How many houses do you see with Raven's flags and cars with Raven's stickers
    Not sure what you're saying. I lived in Fells Point for 5 years before I moved and saw TONS of flags all over the place. I don't think its a fad at all, the love for our boys in purple is legit!

    ... AND, down the street from my place here in Houston, someone is flying a Ravens flag!

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    Re: Thank god for the Ravens!

    That's pretty cool to hear there is another fan in Texas. I would imagine that's a state with little to no Raven's support.

    When I said it was a fad, I meant over the last 7 - 8 years (and growing).

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    Re: Thank god for the Ravens!

    It's about equal distance to Camden Yards and RFK Stadium from my house. I have to admit to going to a few Nationals games this year while I haven't been to a single Orioles game. It's a big change considering I am a former Orioles season ticket holder.

    There will always be a soft spot for the Orioles in my heart but I don't plan to come back until Angeles either is out or has a complete change of heart. He's ruined the Birds.

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    Re: Thank god for the Ravens!

    When I said it was a fad, I meant over the last 7 - 8 years (and growing).
    A fad is something that comes and goes after a short while. I think you were going for a different meaning and needed a different word.

    As for having the Ravens given the Orioles, man . . . But hey, the Blast would probably be selling out without the Ravens here.

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    Re: Thank god for the Ravens!

    While the Ravens are clearly #1, I'll be an Orioles fan until the day I die. Although I no longer have season tickets, I still attend a handful of games each season. And I cannot buy into the idea of dropping support until Angelos is gone -- that type of attitude justified the Irsay debacle.

    Anyway, don't be too surprised to see the teams' fortunes reverse in a few years. Ray Lewis & Jon Ogden are probably irreplaceable & we have a number of aging vets in key positions, while it is conceivable that the Orioles could contend in another year or two -- with a nucleus of young arms.
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    Re: Thank god for the Ravens!

    Remember when Angelos was trying to buy the Bucs? It would be rough for people around these parts to put up with Angeloser year round.:bag:

    When your team plays as poorly as any team has performed in more than a century, you are truly bad.

    I got a laugh out of the team paid press folks who said "it's only one game...It could happen to any team."

    True enough but it didn't. This team keeps finding imaginative ways to embarass itself, the fanbase and the city of Baltimore.
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    Re: Thank god for the Ravens!

    I live in Hagerstown, a 70 mile drive to the stadii of Balmer. I grew up a Colt's and Orioles fan. I spent my summer evenings with a transistor radio. Playing ball, "sleeping out", trips to the Dairy Queen... indeed ALL summer activities included the radio set on the Orioles (1490 WARK). Through the years, they lost their share of games, but NEVER were they this inept. I lived when they won, died for a short time when they lost, only to recover the following night, or at least shortly thereafter. I still listen, or watch every night... while swearing NEVER to watch or listen again! BUT, this is just unbearable! For 10 years,They just don't get any better, or provide any hope of it ever happening! "They are killing me!" (Ozzie) The relief the Ravens provide is blessed, indeed, to say the least! I have season tickets, and never miss a game, and tailgate at all of them! We arrive 5 hours before gametime(the earliest the lots are open), regardless of the team's current status... because you just know, whatever the situation, the ravens will have good years, not-so-good years, and championship years. The thing is, though, they will never be mired in a downward spiral, with no hope of retribution, as the Angelosers are! Where do the O's go from here? How many years will it take to field a GOOD team? If I continue to care about the team, I will die from exasperation... a thousand times. I hereby renounce my orange library card!


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