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I have my doubts about Tom Brady being that good, only because of the season he only played 15 minutes before being lost for the rest of that season. Matt Cassel had as good a year as Brady had had before him. Since Matt Cassel hasn't been able to pull off any season close to that after that year, I think this proves it's the Patriots passing offensive scheming more than whatever QB you put in there. Kyle Boller would have been a HOF QB if he played for the Patriots, OK that may be a stretch.
LOL This is silly, you can ask any NFL star or legend on how great Brady is and they will tell you. To me, and to many experts he is the greatest quarterback of all time, and still in the middle of his prime. This warrior, with the most post season wins in NFL history can easily win another 2 or 3 superbowls. He is that type of player... The most accurate, precision, and decisive passer with surgical passing skills that I've EVER seen. And I'm old, I've watched Montana play.. Check Tom's resume