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    Re: Terry Bradshaw rips Ray Lewis

    Hope nobody told him about Chipper Jones's seven-month retirement tour.

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    Re: Terry Bradshaw rips Ray Lewis

    LOL, Bradshaw just made himself sound completely stupid.

    Did anybody tell him Ray has more tackles than anybody on any team in the post-season? Ray isn't the old Ray in making plays at the line and in the backfield or go sideline to sideline, but he still is getting into a lot of action and making an impact.

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    Re: Terry Bradshaw rips Ray Lewis

    "Bradshaw couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the c and the a"

    Hollywood Henderson's quote never gets old.
    He Who Dares.....Wins

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    Re: Terry Bradshaw rips Ray Lewis

    Quote Originally Posted by SouthSide View Post
    Ol' Terry seems a little...."confused". Maybe he is thinking of Ed Reed with the constant talk of retiring.

    But who cares.
    That was my initial reaction, but after hearing his interview a few times I realize that what Bradshaw means is that Ray announced his retirement prior to the last home game and created a media stir, then he got all the media running to him after the game for his reaction, then the build up prior to Denver, then they all run to him after the game for more reaction. If you're a guy who can't stand listening to Ray, it feels like he's on a never ending farewell tour -- even though it's only been two weeks. So while Bradshaw referenced "how many retirements?" I think he meant was how much of this repetitive, fawning retirement coverage does he have to endure?

    He just failed to make his point very clearly however. Proving he really is as dumb as his reputation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens44 View Post
    It is obvious, that Bradshaw is jealous of the adoration of Ray by his fans while Terry was run out of town and ridiculed for being a dim bulb even though he had brought Pittsburgh 4 Lombardis.
    Yes. My thought upon hearing this inarticulate rant is that Bradshaw is the last guy who should be giving opinions about retiring gracefully.

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    Re: Terry Bradshaw rips Ray Lewis

    He sounded wasted

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    Cool Re: Terry Bradshaw rips Ray Lewis

    Quote Originally Posted by Brtnder81 View Post
    He sounded wasted
    Terry Bradshaw is living proof that you can be the biggest Bonehead in sports and still be a HoF QB!

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    Re: Terry Bradshaw rips Ray Lewis

    Quote Originally Posted by FellsPointRaven View Post
    He sounds absolutely wasted there.
    He sounded as sloshed as Joe Namath was when he was going on about Susie Kolber several years ago.


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