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    Re: Ravens @ Falcons, pre season game 4

    Our D sucked horribly tonite. Granted, they weren't the usual starters, but they're fighting for a spot on the 53 man roster, and this IS the NFL.The Defense looked absolutely sloppy and dis-oriented. How many times was the Falcons center gonna fumble the snap? The Ravens missed a TON of opportunities tonite, but at least Bannan was there for that one recovery. The only bright side is that the offense had some pretty nice plays and we cut down our penalties big time. Even Boller had his moments (like that real nice pass to Demetrius for a 59 yard TD). But even then, Boller still had to fumble up a bit. It sucks too that we finished the preseason at 1-4. But it is just the preseason. Lets just hope that we're game ready for next Monday Night and that we can straighten up a bit. Stockton and Moose were discussing tonite who to keep, Troy Smith or Rhys Lloyd. Well, why not both? Lloyd played absolutely fantastic tonite while Smith was well, not so good. But he is Troy Smith with an amazing amount of upside and it would hurt if he went on to superstardom with another team after McNair retired and we're back with either Boller or some unproven QB. Keep em both!

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    Re: Ravens @ Falcons, pre season game 4

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fanatic View Post
    The dude just kicked a 55 yard field goal that hit the net.
    The damn thing might have been good from 65 yards.

    Just saw it on the highlights on (very smooth new package they've got there by the way) and was very impressed with that kick. C'mon the Englishman! :smile:


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