Hey what's up Baltimore.....Im a Jets fan born and raised in Lawrence, MA....deep in the heart of Patriots territory. Grew up a Jets fan because my father and his side of the family are Bronx natives, so I inherited his team unfortunately LOL knew I shoulda listened to my mother! Too late now!

As a fan who loves the game of football, played some Pop Warner and High School at ILB, SS and CB positions, I have always been a HUGE fan of great D. Always have respected and enjoyed to watch guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed......who in my opinion are the Greatest Middle/Inside Linebacker and Free Safety I have seen play the game my 30 years on this earth.

Signed up initially to show support, mainly because

1. I Hate the Pats

1a. I'm a huge fan of great D and great players, and it sucks knowing wont be able to watch Lewis and Reed much longer

2. I HATE the PATS!

3. Since my teams HC made a name for himself as your line coach then DC, would like to get some opinions and feedback on him.....of course I'm speaking of SEXY REXY!

1aa. PLEASE BEAT NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!