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Thanks, mom. I'll call if I'll be late...

I figure if Pats fans there are like the ones who have been posting on this Ravens forum, they'll be too busy telling everyone else how little they know about football compared to their own encyclopedic knowledege and infalliable perspectives on everything that has to do w/ it. I might get hit over the head by their slide-rules as they feverishly calculate their stats so they can insult the know-nothings they must suffer that are seated around them.

For the record, I've been to the last four Ravens' games played at Foxboro, and I'll gladly take the real Pats' fans I encountered there over the d-bag Poindexters that have been fouling this forum all week.

But if you want some, tailgater, I'll oblige you. But mostly just STFU please!
Been a pats fan since the early 70's and a STH since 93. Personally, I can 't stand most of the fans that show up at Gillette these days. Spoiled rotten and know little to nothing about the game. It's gotten worse with the team promoting the use of wireless devises at the game. Freakin people spend the entire game on facebook and rarely seem to watch the game.

If thats true that you've been at Gillette the last four games, you've presented yourself a lot better in person than you as an internet tough guy.

Sure, there have been a couple dicks posting here, but for the most part we're talking football, not smack.