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Anybody know anything about a Ravens tailgate at Gillette?? I havent been able to find any information....
I am not going to Foxborough this year, but have had many road trip experiences - nearing a full round robin of NFL stadiums. I was called out by the Ravens as their "Road Warrior" in their annual album a few years ago, although I'm sure that others are better qualified and have been bestowed with that the title since.

Many times we have met up other dislocated Ravens fans impromptu at the opponents stadiums parking lots, or joined an organized tailgate party. At my last trip to Yankee-land, we tailgate parked at Lot 41, which was a cash lot. We parked next to Gaither's family. There were scores of other Ravens fans in this lot. We also strolled by the bus lot, where several groups had tailgate parties going. You may find the group organizers willing to let you join their parties for a food & drink only fee - we have done this several times, especially with Cole's group www.ravenstrips.com. Or walk around the cash lots, carrying a 6-pack so as not to mooch.