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Thread: Bernard Pierce?

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    Re: Bernard Pierce?

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    hopefully he is 100% in 2 weeks, we need him
    He is fine, He is our best RB. Runs with better vision and suprising speed. He is a very deceptive runner and finds the hole really well and doesnt lock into running patterns as much as Rice. Not to take anything away from Rice, but I think Peirce is better tailback, he was amazing at Temple.

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    Re: Bernard Pierce?

    Amazing how Ray Rice dethroned a great RB in Willis McGahee that we had invested a lot by simply outperforming him. Now we have a lot invested in Ray Rice, and Pierce is outperforming him. Hmm...what will happen now?

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    Re: Bernard Pierce?

    I love Pierce and his running style. It's one of the reasons why I like it when he's lined up in the backfield on a 3rd and 1 just like he was in a critical point in yesterday's game. He really knows how out to get outside the tackles. I think an arguement can be made that the Ravens have the best 1-2 punch right now in football.

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    Re: Bernard Pierce?

    And they will next year too and just think, he came from little Temple.

    BTW, NE was said to be interested in Pierce too, so was Piss and they both liked
    Gino too.


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