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Thread: Let them yap

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    Re: Let them yap

    I guess I should have been more clear (or else I didn't clearly understand RR2's comment).

    When I read that "1996 is ancient history in NFL terms because there are no one on that team who is also on this team's roster. You're comparing apples and oranges", I labored under the impression that this meant that there is no one on "this [Ravens] team's roster" who was also on the 1996 [Ravens] roster.

    A quick check of the site indicates there was some guy named Lewis on both squads.....

    Sorry for the confusion.

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    Re: Let them yap

    Quote Originally Posted by Paintballguy View Post
    Ray even said that this week. At the end of the day, they still gotta play the game.
    I love the guy and how he plays, but hopefully Von Miller is more focused on his new shoes this week than getting after flacco.

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    Re: Let them yap

    I really really want to beat Manning and his adopted team.

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    Re: Let them yap

    History in football means nothing. Once the game begins all is forgotten and it is a battle. Denver had a good team that lost the AFCCG to Pittsburgh in 2006 or 2007. Last time they had a real good team and some mediocre .500 or first round exit types after that. The Jake the Snake team.


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