The broncos have been irrelevant since the turn of the millenium. They have had a good year in a weak division. They have manning but are still the same broncos. They beat us when we were at our lowest during the season after 2 hard fought steeler games and a west coast trip and a tough loss to the skins. We had alot of makeshift going on defense and a change in OC. Let them run their yaps as it will be short lived then back to the Jake Plummers of the world in a few years. They can only hope to be like the Ravens and to be the best you have to beat the best. We have been to the show every year for 5 straight and are always a tough out. Their idiotic fans are living in the moment where as we are in the moment every year. I have faith that our experience in playoffs will pay off. They were blown off the field the last time they played a play off game in NE and that was the same defense we play saturday. My gut feeling is we put up points early and deflate their defense.