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    Boardwalk Empire V. Game of Thrones

    So I just finished Game of Thrones season 2, and Boardwalk Empire finished it's third season a little over a month ago, and while I thought Game of Thrones was very solid, Boardwalk is the clear "best show on TV" IHMO.

    In all honesty, the shows are pretty damn similar. Both require you to stretch your memory, both are constantly adding new characters(more so GOT), both are action/sex packed(more so GOT), both have their twists and turns in the story-line, and both have pretty awesome characters. The areas where I think Boardwalk separates itself is the dialogue, and a single strong main character. Nucky is theman. His mobster genius combined with his political correctness/acumen makes for awesome dialogue.

    Nucky Thompson: Rest assured that dry though the country may be, I am in the midst of concluding arrangements that will keep Atlantic City wet as a mermaid's twat.
    Mayor Harry Bacharach: Jeez, Nucky, you're fucking mermaids now?
    Nucky Thompson: Every vote counts, Mr. Mayor.

    In my estimation the best major characters from either show:

    Nucky - Tyrion
    Rothstein - Varys
    Capone - Tywin
    Chalky - Littlefinger
    Van Alden - Jaime

    I think Boardwalk's foundation is built on a small number of great characters, where as GOT is built on a large number of good characters.

    I imagine I'm probably in the minority here. I can see why some might think BWE is boring, GOT has more action/nudity. GOT might have more style, but I think BWE more than compensates with substance.

    What say you?
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    Have not seen GoT yet. It's next though so no spoilers please.

    BE though is amazing.
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    Re: Boardwalk Empire V. Game of Thrones

    Margaret has an godawful Irish accent, just painful to the ears. Nobody talks like that
    Owen Slaters northern Irish accent was spot on

    Just wanted to get that off my chest

    Game of Thrones is far superior in my opinion

    Season 1 stayed faithful to the book and they managed to hit a lot of high points.
    Budget was bigger in Season 2 to allow bigger crowds and scences

    But it's the treachery and backstabbing that seals the deal and Peter Dinklage is an incredible actor

    Boarldwalk Empire is slow burner alright with some great dialogue but it just doesn't quite do it for me
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    Ha. That's funny and good to know, Margaret in general is awful IMO. Her and her inner struggles bore the tears out of me.

    You can watch Drinklage really come into his own on that show.

    I definitely understand where your coming from. If nothing else the constant scenery changes make GoT more exciting. I'm an old soul, the slow and boring is right up my alley. Those mental chess matches are slow going but my favorite part about BWE.
    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

    –Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Re: Boardwalk Empire V. Game of Thrones

    Ive been hearing good things about Boardwalk Empire, but have yet to see it (buy dvds of HBO shows). Game of Thrones is very good without being able to compare the two. Im a big fan of the Walking Dead or Breaking Bad as best show on TV right now though.


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