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People have mentioned that there are legit questions as to if he really wants the job.

Why would some of you just hand someone the job who's heart may not be totally in it?
I don't think you do just hand the job to him. I think he is, and has been evaluated during the past 4 weeks. And I must say, regardless of what happens from here on out he has shown that he is very capable. He understands how to make adjustments when things aren't working, something Cameron never did. If he doesn't want the job then the ravens move on and find someone else. As for those who don't think he can develop his own system, I think he already has a "system" to build on. He just needs to tweak a few things, and taylor his plays to the talent he has.

I say if he wants this job, he'll get it, and rightfully so. Norv is NOT the answer!