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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 4)

    The ugly for Week 4: We lost Mulitalo for the year. Hopefully Brown is able to at least do halfway decent in his place, but regardless, this will hurt the team.
    “When I think of a Baltimore Raven - we go in there, we take your lunch box, we take your sandwich, we take your juice box, we take your applesauce, and we take your spork and we break it. And we leave you with an empty lunch. That’s the Baltimore Raven way.” - Steve Smith Sr.

    Call me a Special Teams coach again. I dare you! I double dare you, MFer!

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 4)

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    AZ I've been reading some, and unfortunately I don't have any quotes of Heap calling Boller anything. In fact, I don't have any quotes from Heap mentioning Boller's name. Can you hit me with that link so I can see it myself?
    Sting, I think AZ was referring to Heap praising McNair's leadership and experience, and was interpreting those comments as a subtle slap at Boller. I don't think Heap meant it that way at all -- every compliment of McNair isn't necessarily an insult to Boller (although I can see why one might infer that).

    The only comment I have heard from Heap about Boller was very complimentary, about how well Boller was taking his second-string status after always being a starter. "He's taking it like a man" is the quote I remember.

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 4)

    Quote Originally Posted by AZRAVEN View Post
    No, I wasn't aware they were friends and you certainly wouldn't know it by the way Heap is blasting him every week. Maybe Boller needs to pick his "friends more carefully, because with friends like that he doesn't need any more enemies.
    He isn't blasting him. People keep asking Todd how it is to play with McNair - he's supposed to lavish praise. He isn't saying anything about Boller.

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 4)

    The Good? a "W" of course
    Bart Scott?? insane!!

    Bad??? Much has been mentioned but let me add/ask?

    Would someone please explain to me, or the guilty parties involved that gaining control/possesion of a fumble FIRST could NOT be the main priority, NOT reaching down to pick up then ending up kicking it and NOT recovering the ball??
    Especially in heavy traffic??
    Jump on the damn Ball!
    I was pissed at that, one of several blunders that luckly didn't end up biting us in the ass!

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 4)

    the Ravens actually coulda taken over this game, between the Wilcox fumble, the one Ed Reed kicked, the lost-it-in-the-sun...coulda been, say, 20-13?
    of course, if SD doesn't miss a 40-yarder, maybe it goes the other way.
    to me the turning point was when the Chargers had it 3rd and short, after running the ball up the gut all day, and Marty overhand lateral for a four-yard loss. (anyone else old enough to remember the 'Stagger Lee' play?)
    that, boys and girls, is why Marty Schottenheimer has never and will never get to a Super Bowl. the man has won a hundred+ games and taken three teams to the playoffs (and would been 4 if that idiot Snyder hadn't fired him from DC, ha ha ha)...but the poor guy always blows it on the edge of success. I might hire him for a quick fix / turnaround, but wouldn't keep him long term.

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 4)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohlieve View Post
    The good- Mike Carry didnt flag anyone for "malice in their hearts".
    Anyone else surprised they sent this guy into Baltimore?
    I'm surprised Mike Carry accepted the assignment! There may have been malice in Sugg's heart, on that infamous call in Detroit, but what I saw was DEATHLY FEAR in Mike Carry's eyes!

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 4)

    Last week, Crennel handed them the game with that dumb ass decision to throw the ball with 3:21 left in the game.

    This week, it came down to the fact that the Chargers have ZERO faith in their QB to do anything except hand the ball off. What planet is Marty on, anyway?

    Man you are funny. I love fans. Dont you see you're contradicting yourself?

    Crennel gets critiqued because he let his QB play and throw the ball, and the QB made a mistake / McCalister, a top 5 DB, made a great play.

    After seeing that, and seeing Crennel lose throwing it, Marty turtles up, and he gets criticized for not letting his QB throw the ball.

    Coaches can't win with fans unless they win the game. Marty would have looked like a genious if not for some 4th quarter magic by McNair. You can't always rely on that. Look at his Superbowl Loss. 1 yard short. Sometimes, the magic runs out.


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