The Good:

1. We are 4-0 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Steve McNair is Mr. Clutch!

3. I haven't had a heart attack with these past two wins.

4. Our defense. While the Chargers were very good on defense, we showed that WE are the number 1 defense in football. Despite being on the field for a long time, our defense created opportunities for us to go ahead in this game.

5. Todd Heap. Made several key catches for us including the game winning TD.

6. Sam Koch. Thus far, he is the Ravens Rookie of the Year. Not only did he have a great day punting, but did you guys see that hit on the Punt Returner? Could that make the Jacked Up reel this week?

The Bad:

1. Our OL. Those guys are going to hurt us if/when we make it to the playoffs. We won't get chances to come back like this each week, but those guys must give McNair a chance to make throws. This issue of the center stepping on the QB's feet must be addressed. We all owe Boller an apology. This coming offseason should be dedicated (in addition to re-signing AD) to the OL. I would set a precedent in drafting OL in every round. (Okay, maybe not).

2. Our offense as a whole must get on the same page. We left 14 points on the field; Mason's wide open miss and that field goal fumble by Wilcox. By the way, why in the heck were we doing something else besides running when we were at the goal line? We should have been driving Jamal until we got in.

3. Our running game. Where is it? Maybe Jamal would answer, "Ask the OL."

All in all, we are 4-0, and we beat a very good football team. It was not luck. Our defense and special teams outplayed their defense and special teams. Despite our sputtering offense which is still trying to gel, we are a very good football team.