I've been a believer and supporter of Joe's ever since he threw the game-sealing TD pass to Boldin in the Steelers playoff game in 2010.

And Boldin dropped it.

Even then, with the FG, we take the lead only to have Mattison inexplicably call a 3 man rush and have A. Brown beat Webb (still recovering from a torn ACL) on a deep bomb down the sideline, where the Steelers eventually score the game winning TD aided by a bullshit defensive holding call on Cody.

Even then, with little time left, Flacco directs the offense downfield only to have the drive stall, but then he throws a perfect pass to T.J. on 4th down that will keep the Ravens dwindling glimmer of a dramatic comeback still alive...

You know the rest.
And I don't want to talk about the Patriots playoff game.
I just don't.

What annoys me about the haters is they seem to think it's Flacco's fault when SOMEONE else screws up! Yes, Flacco messes up too from time to time, and when he does, he deserves to be called on it, and no he's not elite, but when it's somebody else's fault, why blame him?
Why not blame Boldin, T.J., Evans, Cundiff, Harbaugh, CAM??

To the haters, when we win it's because of everybody else but Joe.
When we lose it's ALWAYS because of Joe and ONLY because of Joe.

Next to Cutler, Vick and Romo, Joe must be the most polarizing QB in the league.