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Might want to read an old SI where they featured Ray. It was called "Gods Linebacker" I believe.

They interviewed the DA and the DA was very frank about the incident. Ray wasn't talking and was one of the few people who was known to have seen the fight. He was charged to compel his testimony and nothing more. After the trial, The DA was asked is he thought Ray committed the murders and he said bluntly that he did not. Even the victims relatives don't believe Ray killed anyone that night.

Ray was most certainly not a saint that night. Witnesses do have him fighting and he did, for a while, keep his mouth shut to protect his friends. He also tossed his clothing in a garbage dumpster on the way back to his hotel. All that said, he was candid about all of it in open court and since then.

Bringing it back around to the topic of the thread, I don't see why folks feel uncomfortable about that night. Ray talks about it all the time. The problem is the misinformation that's out there. Toomer didn't say anything inaccurate, just that if you're going to talk about Ray's career, a discussion about Atalanta is in order.
Things like this go unreported or atleast not nationally reported but the initial story, which was wrong, did simply because it was juicier story and made better headlines. Bullshit. I dont know how the public can make them held to a higher accountability. Im sure nobody is posting retractions for half of their inaccuracies and the majority of the public remains uninformed.