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Johnny Manziel is a fantastic college football player. He might have the upside to be the best college football player of all time. But that doesn't mean all that much for the NFL. The guy Manziel would replace as best CFB player of all time is Tim Tebow, and that guy's a punt protector and Wildcat QB at the pro level.

He's very exciting to watch, but he doesn't look to have a truly NFL caliber arm at this point. A lot of things could change over the next few years as he physically matures, but right now he's a more athletic Colin Klein IMO. Don't forget he also has probably 3 first round picks on his OL, a freshman WR who looks to be on his way to being a high first round pick, and one of the most underrated senior WRs out there in Ryan Swope. He's got a lot of help to look this good.

Let's see Manziel have 2 or 3 more good years developing into an NFL caliber passer before we anoint him a draftable player, much less a first round pick, much less a 1st overall pick.
I agree. Tebow in college also had some gaudy passing numbers to go with his rushing numbers in some games as well. Manziel is also only 6-1 so not prototypical NFL QB height. He looks very good and promising but he still needs to develop some more.