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    Will Ray Succeed... an analyst for ESPN? Look, I love the dude as much as anybody but truth be told, he mangles the English language quite regularly. I wonder if he will work as hard getting better articulating his thoughts as he did studying the opposition?

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    Re: Will Ray Succeed...

    I don't find it hard to understand Ray but maybe that's just me having gotten used to hearing him after all these years. As far as his success, put against those jackwads on ESPN, Ray will look brilliant.

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    Re: Will Ray Succeed...

    It really depends how much Ray wants it. Honestly I think it's just a way to keep some income coming in. I can't see Ray being passionate about TV the way someone like Brian Billick is.
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    Re: Will Ray Succeed...

    This was kind of funny.

    I think he'll be better in a pre game show setting where it's like a bunch of people just hanging out.


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