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    Re: NCAA Responds to Penn. Governor's Lawsuit


    Yes, the actions of individuals are their own. They should be punished. Show me anybody on this thread who has said otherwise.

    The institution is punished so they'll begin policing their members and these sort of actions won't be repeated. 100 employees at NSC committed fraud. Let's say they were punished for that crime. What's stopping NSC from just hiring 100 more people to do the same thing? Corporations tend to be sort of unfeeling bastards, so it's not like they're sitting around lamenting more people going to jail.

    Since you have trouble understanding, I'll spell it out.

    The individuals who broke the rules should be punished. The institution should be punished so the folks replacing the original people don't do the same damned thing.
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    Re: NCAA Responds to Penn. Governor's Lawsuit

    This is going no where.

    Thanks darb, it's been... fun.

    Oh, highly recommend this BTW:
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