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    Ray Lewis to Retire (Merged)

    Just got the text--WNST reports Ray Lewis to retire at the end of this season.

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    Ray Lewis to retire.

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    Re: WNST Reports Ray Lewis Will Retire After 2012 Season

    Yeah, he announced it at the podium, super emotional.

    We all kind've knew it was coming, hope this gives the team a ferocious drive to get another Lombardi for him. I'd imagine Ed Reed is gone too.
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    Re: WNST Reports Ray Lewis Will Retire After 2012 Season

    Mark Zinno Citarella
    Ray Lewis said he told the team today "This will be my last ride." A very serious hint at retirement.

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    Re: WNST Reports Ray Lewis Will Retire After 2012 Season

    I think most fans assumed as much. More importance for the team than ever to finish what they started...

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    Re: Ray Lewis to retire.

    Sunday will be even more electric.

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    Re: Ray Lewis to retire.

    Sad day in Baltimore...but we all knew this was coming.

    Ray Lewis was a God among men on the field.

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    My heart just sank.... Ugh. Glad I can witness my first and last dance

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    Re: Ray Lewis to retire.

    sunday will be off the hook

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    Re: Ray Lewis to retire.

    So glad my wife got to see his dance. I've taken her to 4 games but it wasn't until this season she caught Ray's entrance into the stadium.

    Sad, but not unexpected.
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    Re: Ray Lewis to retire.

    I think it's the correct decision given where Ray is in his life and his current level of play, but it still seems so surreal. Nobody saw him going out like this, but if anybody would come back from a major injury at age 38 and end their career on a high note, it's Ray Lewis. The team will certainly be amped up to send him off with a big run.

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    Re: Ray Lewis to retire.

    My eyes won't be dry at the game this weekend.


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