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    Re: 77% of us will have higher taxes

    I wish Newt was the GOP nominee, If he campaigned correctly about beign the last person to balance the budget, I think that is something "middle America" could have gotten behind. I think he could have certainly won. Now, I dont' think for a second he could balance the budget in 4 years, but perhaps he could have accomplished enough in 4 years to get 4 more, and 8 continuous years of trending towards a balanced budget could have changed government spending for decades.

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    Re: 77% of us will have higher taxes

    Great post and Newt was the best debater of them all. He destroyed the MC in one debate.

    That said he wouldn't have done any better getting the Spanish vote than Mitt who lost to OBY by just 1% after
    McCain lost to him by a land slide.

    Would have loved to see Newt in the White HOuse. Conservatives are dead even though Rush says we're not out-numbered.
    I disagree. If the GOP wins the next one it will be with more liberals like Jeb Bush or Rubio who will get the Spanish vote.


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